Adolescent Counseling

Considerations for Teens in Therapy

Questions Parents often ask when considering counseling for their teen

Is your teen struggling with making friends? Have you noticed they are not as outgoing as they used to be? Are you questioning their wellbeing and just not sure what to do to help them? Have you noticed your teen having anger outbursts, behavioral changes and just not themselves?

Signs your teen might be needing support

Some signs you might recognize in your teen and may support you and your teen in deciding if therapy is the best next step might be some or all of the following - not sleeping, not feeling like they can be at peace, destructive behaviors, diminished interest or pleasure, irritability, problems with concentration, difficulty breathing or upset stomach.

You might also hear things like, "I feel like I am going crazy" or "am I dying?". You could also notice the there is restlessness or edginess and fatigue. The cycle of fear, stress, overwhelm can take a toll and begin to sabotage their friendships/relationships, family, and possibly their future.

How One step beyond counseling can help you and your teen

Statistics show that 1 in 3 teens will experience anxiety at some point between 13-18 years of age. As adults we don't always recognize teenagers struggle with some of the same things adults struggle with. The difference between teens who struggle and adults who struggle is that teens don't always have the tools to express how they are feeling in the most effective ways. This is why, At One Step Beyond Counseling we will work with your teen to develop healthy and effective coping skills that help with building confidence, self-esteem and independence so they can thrive again. These skills will support them now and throughout adulthood.

We use Mindfulness as the foundation in guiding awareness, experience, perspective towards positive outcomes that support wellbeing.

Don't delay, if you are questioning it and came here you did it for a reason, reach out today and schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to see if therapy is the best next step.

Is your adolescent struggling with feelings of confusion? Are they acting out of character but you can't figure out what is going on with them?
Teen Counseling
»Have you noticed your teen struggling?

»Having difficulty connecting with you teen and notice your teen experiencing difficulty?

» Counseling can help your teen understand their experience so they can connect with you again.

» Counseling can also support your teen in learning new tools that help them cope.