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We all need someone, sometime and for some reason. Looking for a therapist can be overwhelming at times and it may also provide a sense of ease since you are taking the first step in making the changes you want to see in your life. If you are struggling with traumatic experiences, anxiety and/or anxiety attacks, depression, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, divorce or co-parenting (among others), We want you to know we are here to help support you. In our work together we will explore the obstacles, challenges, and triumphs in your life and/or your family members lives to learn how they inform who you are today. Then we will focus on your strengths as a foundation towards growth.

At One Step Beyond Counseling Services we offer treatment for individuals, couples and families and blend mindfulness based therapies, sensorimotor psychotherapy (body experiencing), cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment and developmental psychology and yoga for therapy to inform the work we do with clients. We believe in the mind/body as a continuum and unit as avenue for processing life experiences. The mind and body are powerful alone, but when you unite them, that is where transformation can begin.

December's passion for working with individuals, couples and families comes from her experience over 10 years as an advocate, volunteer, teacher, mentor and counselor in diverse medical settings, with local schools districts, and at thriving yoga studios. She is drawn to this work because she has witnessed the impact that sharing ones life story and engaging the body in the process has on overall wellbeing in the healing process. For more information please follow the inks below.


Individual Counseling can help with many issues including but not limited to anxiety and depression.

Couples Counseling and Parental Support

Struggling with intimacy and communication? Having parenting or co-parenting difficulties?


Families are dynamic, ever evolving, and adjusting to a new normal at any given time. This can lead to dysfunction and overwhelm.

Mindfulness, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Mediation and Yoga

December uses a blend of Western thought with Eastern Philosophy through integrating Mindfulness, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Meditation and Yoga as a way to connect with the mind-body continuum in the present moment so that healing can take place.

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Address: 1865 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA

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