Couples Counseling and Parental Support

Step Family Counseling in Highlands Ranch, CO

Divorce, CO-Parenting, Remarriage and Step-family Couples Counseling

Divorce is a difficult experience for anyone and it becomes especially difficult for the children involved. Statistics show that 67% of children who experience divorce are spiritually or emotionally injured due to parental post divorce actions. Typically when children are involved divorce doesn't end after the divorce is finalized. An interesting statistic shows 50% of men and 70% of women are extremely angry at the other even 10 years into the divorce.

Our main focus with couples who are divorcing is on how they will conduct themselves, followed by getting agreements on civility, and potential for collaboration between parents for calendar visits and agreements. We encourage similar routines for each home, however they don't need to be exactly the same.

Co-parenting counseling will work to support civility among one another as well as working relationships for the benefit of the children who are involved. "Your first obligation as a parent is not to bring chaos into the lives of your children."

Step-families or Blended families (remarriage with children) are one of the most difficult forms of marriage generally speaking. Then try adding children to the mix and you have yourself a solid challenge. We will work on supporting you in solving step-family issues through collaboration and understanding with the children as our top priority.

Couples today deal with a lot more than their parents dealt with in the past. Focusing on things like financial issues, both parents working , multiple income/single income homes, stress of what role each will play and the list goes on.


Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes that is why we explore barriers in your relationship in order to help you open up to grater possibilities of love, respect and trust