Individual Counseling

Considerations for Individual Counseling

What is Individual Counseling?

Otherwise called—talk therapy or counseling—individual therapy is a gradual process that encourages self-exploration towards greater self-awareness. Individual therapy provides support for clients processing feelings, confronting challenges, or facing transitions in life.

During these sessions, you will learn useful strategies for coping, skills for navigating emotions and increasing acceptance and positivity towards healthier relationships full of emotional well-being and mutual understanding.


Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss and More

We provide compassionate support and gentle curiosity as clients process through and discuss life circumstances, feelings, inter/intrapersonal patterns, personal narratives, and overall life satisfaction.

Individual therapy can be a helpful avenue for individuals like yourself who are experiencing difficulty due to life transitions such as divorce, remarriage, single parenting, co-parenting, loss of a job, empty nesting, caretaking or any other seemingly significant life circumstance. We also have experience working with individuals experiencing chronic illness  diagnosis' for themselves or a relative in the family. Anxiety and depression are also some common ways we work with individuals like yourself and we will support you in contemplating and come up with new coping strategies.

Therapeutic Methods

We use a blend of mindfulness based counseling (MBC), Sensorimotor Motor Trauma based therapies, along side Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Yoga as Therapy. Some skills that you can expect to learn are breathing tools, grounding techniques, guided imagery among other accessible skills to support you in your healing journey. Holistic health and a focus on wellbeing are incorporated to support you in self-awareness and reaching your goals.

Let's collaborate and come up with some of useful tools for your children and teenagers to cope when you are struggling