Common reasons people seek counseling and how a mental health counselor can help.

By: December Breidel, MA, LPCC

Making the choice to see a counselor can be scary at first, luckily, doing research and gaining knowledge on the topic can be an important step in the right direction, it can also ease your worries.

I am needing support for what I am going through and my friends and family just aren’t cutting it. 

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective different from what you have been experiencing.

Counselors are helpful because they can help you get a better sense of your own strengths and weaknesses as well as gain more self knowledge around your own needs. 

My go to’s — coping skills, resources and hobbies are not working like they once did. 

A counselor can be a good resource to learn new coping skills, tools and techniques that can help you navigate life changes and challenges.

Stress levels are increasing beyond what I am use to and I am having difficulty with completing my daily tasks. 

You have become worried or anxious and can’t get your mind off the things you need to check off the check list.

A counselor does more than allow you the space to vent. Mental health counselors can help you come up with a plan and set some goals with you to get back on track in your life. 

I am noticing more relationship issues in general. Or I have been fighting with my partner more. I understand that fighting is common in relationships but the fights seem to end without resolution. 

Sometimes sharing issues with relationships in general can be tough on you because you care too much about what other people think of you.

Counselors have seen how diverse relationships can be and they can help guide you through whatever your are facing. 

New or past experience(s) of trauma and I am now noticing that my life is being affected negatively by it. 

Traumatic experiences are not all the same and regardless of what you have experienced, your feelings of overwhelm are valid.

A counselor will help you learn to advocate for yourself. They can even guide you towards the path of acceptance and healing. 

My moods have been extreme lately and I am starting to feel out of control. 

You find yourself blowing things out of proportion and don’t understand why. Your moods are starting to take time away from other responsibilities in your life. A counselor can help you gain awareness of

While it is normal to feel any range of emotions throughout your day or week, this is different and feels more out of control.

A counselor can help you recognize what may be causing these moods. 

I have been feeling down and it has lasted longer than one day at a time. 

You could be feeling sad, down or impatient because of something that happened in your life. You have started noticing your lack of joy in the things you once enjoyed.

A counselor can help you understand your emotions and the cycle that you experience around emotions for more self awareness. 

Finding the right counselor can be challenging and rewarding! Schedule your free phone consultation today.