Child Counseling

COnsiderations for Children in Counseling

Common questions parents ask

I have tried everything to help my child succeed and nothing is working, can you help?  At One Step Beyond Counseling Services we believe that children are resilient and have the ability to adjust to any circumstances with the right tool kit. This is why we use mindfulness, social-emotional and self-regulation as well as stress management. How long will my child be in therapy? Typically therapy can last any where from 8-16 weeks. This is a very flexible and evolving expectation as things come up we will face them and come up with goals that meet your child's needs and the needs of the family as a whole. Is there a good age for children to join therapy? Therapy is most effective for children beginning at age 4 through about 12. Then we suggest therapy for adolescence which has a different tone to it.

Parental involvement is required

As children become more confident in their skills and self-esteem, parents will be included from time to time in a session. Parents will also have the opportunity to check in with therapist to catch up on progress, goals and share their experience with their child's growth and development. As the saying goes, it takes a village and we understand that your love and support in this process is paramount to your child's overall wellbeing and success in therapy.

Common experiences we see children come to therapy for

At One Step Beyond Counseling we work mindfully and compassionately with your children on some of the following issues. Divorce, Blended Families and the transitions that come with it, moving, sibling relationships and parental relationships, school difficulties such as bullying and anything else that creates imbalance in your child's life. We focus on your child's strengths and work from this foundational place to support them in building resources and confidence so they can learn to assert themselves in healthy and well adjusted ways for now and through their future. We offer yoga and mindfulness groups for children as well. Find out more here

Child Counseling
»Are you experiencing difficulties with your child?

»Hearing yourself say no A LOT? but not sure why this is happening?

» Children misbehave because they want to be understood and have no other way to show you something is wrong.

» Counseling can help you and your child gain language and understanding around developmental milestones that feel like challenges.